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Andersen Windows & Patio Doors

Andersen offers two product lines of windows and doors to choose from in thousands of sizes and shapes. The Andersen 400 series features the classic blend of engineering and craftsmanship that made the Andersen name a household word. It also offers a full array of sizes, options and accessories to give you all the versatility and variety you need for any project. Andersen windows and patios doors are designed to seal shut to the tightest tolerances in the industry, minimizing drafts, dust, and water infiltration.

Most of the Andersen products feature high performance Low-E glass, making them among the most energy efficient in the world. The special coating allows light to enter you home, but blocks the passage of heat. So if your thermostat is set at 70°, the temperature of the inner most glass pane won't drop below 57°, even if it's zero degrees outside.

Andersen uses only the finest wood and they check the millwork for the most precise craftsmanship. The natural pine interiors can be stained or painted to match any decor and the wide array of options and accessories let you customize your windows and patio doors to compliment your home.

Visit the Andersen Windows & Patio Door website for complete details.

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