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Marvin Windows and Doors... Made for you.®

There are no warehouses for finished windows, no stockpiles of standard sizes. That's because it's impossible to get a head start on windows that could be any size or shape. Even Marvin's standard offerings could have any variety of options on them. Because Marvin builds is completely Made for you.®   Marvin windows and doors are only available through window and door professionals like Milledgeville Home Center.

Insulating glass comes standard with all Marvin windows and doors. The next set up is the Low E II option: two panes of insulating glass wit ha virtually unnoticeable Low E II layer that screens solar heat gain during the summer months and reduces heat loss in the winter months, plus it filters UV rays, reducing carpet and upholstery fading. Marvin fills this space between the insulating glass panes with argon gas as an additional barrier. Many of the Marvin windows and doors are Energy Star® qualified, and have met the high standards of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

Marvins extruded aluminum cladding offers exceptional protection against the elements in five colors, Stone White, Pebble Gray, Bahama Brown, Bronze and Evergreen. The aluminum extrusions go though a rigorous five-step pre-treatment that includes cleaners, rinses and a chromic acid surface preparation to ensure that Marvins finishes adheres smoothly and permanently so you will never have to paint or scrape them for a long, long time.

Visit the Marvin Windows and Doors website for complete details.

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